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Updates and guidelines
The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed 3 new cases of MERS-CoV between 03 February-09 February 2017. For daily reports, please visit the MOH website, here.

Flu and respiratory infections

Updates and guidelines
Respiratory Virus Detections/Isolations in Canada, Week 05 ending February 4, 2017
09 Feb 2017 | PHAC
Respiratory infections: laboratory reports 2017
03 Feb 2017 | PHE

News and Media
Avian Flu Scan: 6 new H7N9 cases in China and H5N8 outbreaks reported in Poland and China
09 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP 
Myanmar confirms its first H5N6 outbreak
07 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP
Taiwan reports its first H5N6 avian flu outbreak
06 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP


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