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Introduce yourself

TusharKanti Dey commented:

I am Dr.Tusharkanti Dey. I am an epidemiologist and a community health specialist having experience of working in epidemic investigation and containment of epidemic and disaster mitigation work for more than 30 ...

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Introduce yourself

Dr samia rourou commented:

I am Samia Rourou (engineer, PhD), a scientist (Assistant Biologist) at Institut Pasteur de Tunis (Tunisia) active in the field of bioprocess development based on mammalian cell culture technology. I held a ...

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Introduce yourself

Dr. Sumon Ghosh commented:

I am Sumon Ghosh, a veterinarian working in the Infectious Diseases Division of International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b). Formerly, I worked as a Consultant under the Communicable Disease Control ...

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Top Five Reasons to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Are you interested in studying Artificial Intelligence but unsure about the pros and cons? That is quite a common and ...

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New Knowledge Hub Launches to Facilitate Uptake and Application of Research Findings into Policy and Practice

The Global Health Network launches the Applying Research to Policy and Practice for Health (ARCH) Knowledge Hub.This Hub aims to ...

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“Rethinking Health Care Ethics”: new open access (free download) book from Palgrave Macmillan

This blog is closed to new posts due to inactivity. The post remains here as part of the network’s archive ...

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Trials journal seeks papers on the topic: Building capacity for evidence informed trial management

Trials invites you to submit to our new thematic series, ‘Building capacity for evidence informed trial management’.   The Editors ...

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12 top tips for writing a grant application from the MRC

Sitting down to write a grant application? Recently submitted a proposal or been successful in the last MRC board round? ...

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