Since 2011, CONSISE has held several international meetings:


CONSISE Epidemiology Working Group Meeting 

20 January 2016 

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France 

To coincide with the two-days conference on Incidence, Severity and Impact of Influenza 2016 held by the International Society for Influenza and Other Respiratory Virus Diseases (ISIRV), a one-day international meeting of CONSISE’s (the Consortium for the Standardization of Influenza Seroepidemiology) Epidemiology Working Group members was successfully held at Institut Pasteur, Paris. This meeting follows the fourth international meeting of CONSISE held in September 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa ( We had 26 participants from 14 countries.

The full agenda and presentations can be accessed here.


At the CONSISE Epi working group meeting, CONSISE members presented the updates of the development and application of CONSISE tools, including protocols generated for household transmission studies for influenza and fieldwork experiences of MERS-CoV protocols used in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, ethical considerations for the use of CONSISE tools in outbreak situations, the development of influenza seroepidemiology protocols, and the reporting of seroepidemiologic studies for influenza (ROSES-I) statement. Members were also actively engaged in the discussions on the development of a question bank for influenza serological studies. More information on the January 2016 Epidemiology working group meeting, please contact Maria Van Kerkhove.

We propose to hold our next CONSISE meeting in Chicago in August 2016, immediately preceding the Options for Control of Influenza IX meeting. Information about Options IX can be found here (


CONSISE workshop on influenza neuraminidase (NA) and discussion of an international study of the ‘ELLA’ NA inhibition assay

Friday, 19 September 2014

A growing number of laboratories are using the enzyme-linked lectin assay (ELLA) to measure neuraminidase (NA) inhibiting antibody titers. An international study supported with funds from BARDA was conducted to evaluate the comparability of NI titers measured by ELLA in different laboratories.

CONSISE laboratory members were invited to participate in the study in April 2014. This included 15 laboratories with prior experience with ELLA and 20 laboratories without prior experience with this assay. These latter labs were provided with guidance to establish the assay prior to running study samples. Inactivated H6N1 and H6N2 antigens were prepared and shipped to participants, together with a standard assay and study instructions. Data were submitted for statistical analysis in 2 phases: Phase I: preliminary analysis of data submitted by experienced labs; Phase II: final analysis of data from all laboratories.

This meeting to discuss the assay and interim study results was planned as a webinar that would include presentations from experts in the field of NA immunity. The presentations were given as a GoTo meeting on 19th September 2014.

Slides from the meeting can be seen by clicking on the agenda, below, and then selecting any of the highlighted talks. A list of participants follows the agenda:

Meeting Agenda


4th International Meeting of CONSISE

3-4 September 2013

Westin, Cape Town South Africa

Ballroom West · Convention Square · Lower Long Street • 8001 Cape Town · South Africa 

 Meeting Objectives

  • Finalize CONSISE seroepidemiology protocol templates and question bank for field validation
  • Review of laboratory assay comparisons and future work on standardisation of laboratory methods
  • Discuss the role and lessons to be learned from CONSISE involvement in MERS-CoV and influenza A(H7N9)
  • Involve more experts and end users in discussion of CONSISE activities
  • Promote wider use of CONSISE tools and network for influenza and emerging respiratory viruses

The full Agenda with presentations can be found here: Agenda

 The final Meeting Report can be found here: CONSISE 4th International Meeting Report


  • The fourth international meeting of CONSISE was held on the 3-4 September 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa, immediately preceding the Options for the Control of Influenza VIII meeting.
  • The third international meeting of CONSISE, with a regional focus on South and East Asia, was held in January 2013 in Hong Kong, hosted by the University of Hong Kong.
  • The second international meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2011, hosted by the ECDC.
  • The first international meeting was held in Ottawa, Canada, in February 2011, hosted by the Public Health Agency of Canada.