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  • mafteidaniel Daniel Maftei 18 May 2013

    My name is Daniel Maftei, veterinarian, I work in a veterinary lab as anathomo-pathologist and bacteriologist, and i`m in charge to coordinate the animal health department of the lab. Our lab have also a food safety department.
    In the last years me and my colleagues, we worked also in some public health projects for influenza viruses circulation, under the auspices of One health initiative. In these projects me and my colleagues worked the animal part of the research : field sample collection,lab tests ( IH, ID, RT-PCR). Our main project is Avian Influenza Virus Surveillance among birds in the Danube Delta. The objective is to study the ecology of avian influenza viruses in the Danube Delta using sentinel birds surveillance. We
    started in 2008 having only one location and with the support of the researchers from St Jude Children Hospital we extend our surveillance to 7 sites and they are still in place. We think that our sentinels will help to find if the novel H7N9 virus start to spread to the rest of the world when and if he will find a transportation host. Another project was Occupational Exposure to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)-a Cross-sectional Study of Veterinarians and Swine Workers in Romania ( Fogarty International Center.
    Me and my colleagues we are interested to study zoonotic diseases and if you need some partners for projects in Romania we could help. We have good relationship with many romanian and foreign researchers from different universities and we can get help and from physicians, national reference labs.

  • bcowling Ben Cowling 20 May 2013

    My name is Ben Cowling, I am an infectious disease epidemiologist with a background in biostatistics. I work at the University of Hong Kong designing and running community-based studies of influenza virus infection and transmission. I am particularly interested in inferring transmission dynamics from epidemiological data in households, communities and populations. Before, during and after the 2009 pandemic I have been involved in a series of cross-serologic studies including mega cross-sectional blood donor studies and large household and community cohort studies. My current research includes improving the design and analysis of seroepidemiological studies.

  • eevabroberg Eeva Broberg 20 May 2013

    My name is Eeva Broberg and I am a virologist. My background is in biochemistry (MSc), PhD and post-doctoral studies in virology. My research was mainly focused on herpes simplex viruses and their use in gene therapy. I was involved in the diagnostic virology laboratory throughout my studies and worked as one of the virologists in charge during the influenza 2009 pandemic. I moved on to coordinate the European Reference Laboratory Network for Human Influenza (ERLI-Net, previous CNRL) to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in 2010. Through the work that I do with the European influenza reference laboratory colleagues on standardisation and comparison of the methods, as well as EQAs, I got involved in the CONSISE laboratory working group. ECDC has agreed to act as the secretariat of CONSISE until September 2013 and Angus Nicoll and myself share the task.

  • johnwood18 John Wood 21 May 2013

    My name is John Wood and I am a retired virologist.I was until October 2010 a Principal Scientist at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) in the UK. My work contributed to influenza vaccine strain selection by the WHO and the EU, which included the serological testing of vaccine trials; the preparation and distribution of influenza viruses to vaccine manufacturers; the coordination of the EU vaccine strain selection process; and the official batch release testing of influenza vaccines.I was also involved in the development and evaluation of vaccines against pandemic and potential pandemic viruses and I coordinated several international collaborative studies to assess variability of influenza serological assays.

  • karenlaurie Karen Laurie 23 May 2013

    My name is Karen Laurie, I am an immunologist and virologist at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza in Melbourne, Australia. My research work is focused on the interplay between the immune response and influenza virus. I am interested in how the immune response prevents infection with influenza virus and how the immune response drives antigenic drift of influenza virus. This work utilises the ferret model of immunisation and influenza virus infection. I am also interested in using the immune response as a marker of recent infection and indicator of susceptibility to new influenza infections, particularly by seroepidemiolgical studies. During and after the 2009 pandemic I have been involved in collaborative serological studies in Australia and overseas. I am a member of the CONSISE Steering Committee and Laboratory Working Group.

  • I am Dr Babasaheb Tandale, Epidemiologist. I am working as Scientist D and Group Leader, Epidemiology at National Institute of Virology, Pune (INDIA).
    We have published pandemic influenza seroepidemiology paper and were collaborators for the WHO publication on global influenza infection rates estimation during 2009 pandemic. We continue to work on avian influenza seroepidemiology and vaccine immunogenicity during field use. We would like to develop broad seroepidemiology group and extend it to emerging virus infections in India.

    Attached files: Tandale_BV_Passport_photo_ICMR_award_MK_seshadri_2010_citation_DSC_3698.JPG
  • peterhorby Peter Horby 24 May 2013

    I am a public health physician, trained in adult medicine, infectious diseases and public health. I have lived and worked in Southeast Asia for ten years where I have a wonderful time conducting research on fascinating diseases such as avian and seasonal influenza, pneumonia, dengue, and zoonoses.

  • I am a medical epidemiologist at the US CDC and have responsiblity for supporting international influenza surveillance and research into influenza burden and control. Recently have been working with Chinese colleagues on serologic surveys for H7N9.

  • DrYogeshGurav Dr Yogesh K Gurav 11 Jun 2013

    My name is Dr Yogesh K Gurav. I am Epidemiologist and at present I am working as Scientist C, Epidemiology Group at National Institute of Virology, Pune(Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi)India. I have been actively involved in outbreak investigations of viral infectious diseases, seroepidemiological studies on Human Influenza and Avian influenza.

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  • andreasmorner Andreas Mörner 27 Jun 2013

    I am microbiologist at the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (SMI). I am presently working as a project leader for influenza seroepidemiology but have a background in HIV virology and vaccinology research. We have conducted pH1N1 serosurveys before and after the pandemic 2009 and at the moment we are setting up the microneutralization assay.

  • ullasthankappan Dr Ullas PT 4 Jul 2013

    I am an early-stage researcher interested in disease biology, gene delivery and vaccine research. I have done my PhD in Virology (from the Department of Neurovirology, WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Rabies, NIMHANS, India) and am here primarily to learn from the resources.

  • zkhamis Zahra Khamis 18 Jul 2013

    My name is Zahra Khamis. I am a medical technologist and the supervisor of the National Influenza Centre at Public Health Laboratory of the Kingdom of Bahrain. I hold a Master degree in Medical an Diagnostic Virology from University of Manchester. My basic specialist is Molecular Microbiology.
    Our main interest is to do influenza surviellance in Bahrain to know the circulating strains and to participate in vaccine production. The Centre is involved in surviellance of Novel MERS-CoV in suspected cases.

  • olavhungnes Olav Hungnes 23 Jul 2013

    My name is Olav Hungnes, I am a virologist at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway, where I am heading the National Influenza Centre. I am interested in the interplay between the evolution and antigenic drift of influenza viruses and individual and population immunity. In our laboratory we have been performing annual influenza serosurveys since the late 1970s, making use of anonymised convenience sera provided by diagnostic laboratories across Norway. Based on this we are contributing to the establishment of a standardised CONSISE seroepidemiology protocol for the convenience sera approach. I am a member of the CONSISE Steering Committee, as well as the Epidemiology and Laboratory Working Groups.

  • mvankerkhove Maria Van Kerkhove 21 Aug 2013

    My name is Maria Van Kerkhove and I'm a senior research fellow in the department of infectious disease epidemiology at Imperial College London. I also am a technical consultant with the World Health Organization. I am the lead of CONSISE's epidemiology working group and on the steering committee for CONSISE. Thank you all for posting to this blog. I look forward to meeting you and working with you on CONSISE's activities.

    Please contact me if you have any questions about CONSISE or would like to become more involved.

  • sukhanbd sukhanbd 24 Jan 2014

    Hi, I am an epidemiologist, working as a consultant for icddr,b, Bangladesh and a PhD student at the University of Florida. For last few years, I’ve been working on human and animal influenza surveillance, surveys, and other research studies in Bangladesh and United States. Besides influenza, I’ve worked on research studies to address public health issues related to multiple zoonotic pathogen including (but not limited to) Nipah virus, Japanese encephalitis, anthrax, MERS CoV, Rift valley fever, Hepatitis E and West Nile virus. My current focus if to identify practical approaches to utilize OneHealth approach to address current public health needs.

  • prevatomarua Marua 15 May 2014

    My name is Marua Prevato and I am a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Siena (Italy). I am working in the field of Influenza and in particular my interests are NA antigen and anti-NA immune response. To this aim I am dealing with specific serological assays. For these reasons I am here to learn all that I can on Flu, Flu serological assays, and all what concern the standardization of a method. Thank you for the opportunity. Bests, Marua

  • mamoonachaudhry Mamoona Chaudhry 16 May 2014

    I am Mamoona Chaudhry, I am an infectious disease epidemiologist with a basic degree in Veterinary Science. I work at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan, designing and conducting community-based studies of many zoonotic diseases including avian influenza. I have conducted cross-sectional studies of live bird markets, serosurvey of villages of Lahore and case-control studies of risk factors for H9N2 in commercial poultry farms for my PhD studies at Edinburgh University. Recently I am supervising research related to prospective studies of avian influenza in poultry. My main interest is to do epidemiological studies of influenza in both human and Animal population and to understand the dynamics of transmission of influenza.

  • rowlen Kathy Rowlen 12 Nov 2014

    Hello, my name is Kathy Rowlen. I am CEO and Chief Science Officer for a biotech company, InDevR, located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado USA (yes, we have snow already and the ski areas are open). After speaking with Othmar Engelhardt, I thought that members of CONSISE would be interested in a new instrument we have developed with support from NIH.
    Cypher One automates interpretation of HA/HAI in 96-well plates, thereby eliminating user-to-user interpretation variations. The system also provides a permanent digital and traceable record of each plate, thereby eliminating common data transcription errors. Both of these attributes are strongly aligned with the mission of CONSISE!
    Since there are variations in the “by eye” interpretation of hemagglutination, we have been using “citizen science” to reach a statistical consensus that will help to harmonize the settings for our computer algorithm (which interprets the presence/absence of hemagglutination from a digital image). If you’re interested in contributing to that on-going effort, please take the short survey at: .
    The device and software are currently in prototype stage and will enter into beta site testing in December of 2014. Please contact us ( if you are interested in participating in beta testing.

  • ashraf0968491090 ashraf0968491090 26 Oct 2017

    ashraf abiubaker musa that,s my name and I am MLT from Sudan I studied medical laboratories sciences BSc and MSc in histopathology & cytology.
    I am currently a researcher at Alneelain university my research is in genetics and Nasopharyngeal carcinoma associated genes and SNPs.

  • sumonghosh Dr. Sumon Ghosh 8 Nov 2019

    I am Sumon Ghosh, a veterinarian working in the Infectious Diseases Division of International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b). Formerly, I worked as a Consultant under the Communicable Disease Control Division of Directorate General of Health Services of Bangladesh. I did my graduation from Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University in Bangladesh in 2009 and post-graduation from the same institute in 2011. My research interests lie in the area of public health, microbiology, genetics and breeding. I have collaborated actively with researchers from diverse disciplines in several projects of public health importance in Bangladesh

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