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  • samiarourou Dr samia rourou 18 Nov 2019

    I am Samia Rourou (engineer, PhD), a scientist (Assistant Biologist) at Institut Pasteur de Tunis (Tunisia) active in the field of bioprocess development based on mammalian cell culture technology.
    I held a degree of Biology engineer, a master and a PhD degree in biological sciences (speciality: biotechnology). Since October 1999, I joined Institut Pasteur de Tunis (IPT) where I was appointed at the viral vaccines development unit as biotechnology engineer.
    In September 2010, I defended my Ph.D. in biological sciences "Culture of Vero cells and production of rabies virus under animal component free conditions: process development & proteomics Study ". Later on, in October 2011, I was appointed as an assistant biologist at IPT.
    I am highly involved in vaccine development programs within the biotechnology development group. I greatly contributed to the development of processes for the production of rabies vaccines for veterinary and human use based on BHK-21 and Vero cells culture in stirred bioreactor.
    On January 2016, I was selected by WHO/TDR to benefit from a Career Development Fellowship (CRDF). The first year, I joined the glycoconjugate vaccines laboratory at GSK, Siena, Italy.
    Then, I got a re-entry grant to implement a small project (beforehand approved by TDR) related to capacity building .
    Since 2018, I was interesed witht he adaptation of adherent Vero cells to suspension growth and virus production.

  • tusharkantideyarun TusharKanti Dey 1 Mar 2020

    I am Dr.Tusharkanti Dey. I am an epidemiologist and a community health specialist having experience of working in epidemic investigation and containment of epidemic and disaster mitigation work for more than 30 yrs. I am a national level expert in disaster management and had participated in 25/26 disaster mitigation activities starting from tsunami in Indian Ocean affecting Andaman and Nicober islands.

    I am eager to join the group and would like contribute academically in times of need.

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