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  • bcowling Ben Cowling 20 May 2013

    My name is Ben Cowling, I am an infectious disease epidemiologist with a background in biostatistics. I work at the University of Hong Kong designing and running community-based studies of influenza virus infection and transmission. I am particularly interested in inferring transmission dynamics from epidemiological data in households, communities and populations. Before, during and after the 2009 pandemic I have been involved in a series of cross-serologic studies including mega cross-sectional blood donor studies and large household and community cohort studies. My current research includes improving the design and analysis of seroepidemiological studies.

  • mafteidaniel Daniel Maftei 18 May 2013

    My name is Daniel Maftei, veterinarian, I work in a veterinary lab as anathomo-pathologist and bacteriologist, and i`m in charge to coordinate the animal health department of the lab. Our lab have also a food safety department.
    In the last years me and my colleagues, we worked also in some public health projects for influenza viruses circulation, under the auspices of One health initiative. In these projects me and my colleagues worked the animal part of the research : field sample collection,lab tests ( IH, ID, RT-PCR). Our main project is Avian Influenza Virus Surveillance among birds in the Danube Delta. The objective is to study the ecology of avian influenza viruses in the Danube Delta using sentinel birds surveillance. We
    started in 2008 having only one location and with the support of the researchers from St Jude Children Hospital we extend our surveillance to 7 sites and they are still in place. We think that our sentinels will help to find if the novel H7N9 virus start to spread to the rest of the world when and if he will find a transportation host. Another project was Occupational Exposure to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)-a Cross-sectional Study of Veterinarians and Swine Workers in Romania ( Fogarty International Center.
    Me and my colleagues we are interested to study zoonotic diseases and if you need some partners for projects in Romania we could help. We have good relationship with many romanian and foreign researchers from different universities and we can get help and from physicians, national reference labs.

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