Eeva Broberg

About: My name is Eeva Broberg and I am a virologist. My background is in biochemistry (MSc), PhD and post-doctoral studies in virology. My research was mainly focused on herpes simplex viruses and their use in gene therapy. I was involved in the diagnostic virology laboratory throughout my studies and worked as one of the virologists in charge during the influenza 2009 pandemic. I moved on to coordinate the European Reference Laboratory Network for Human Influenza (ERLI-Net, previous CNRL) to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in 2010. Through the work that I do with the European influenza reference laboratory colleagues on standardisation and comparison of the methods, as well as EQAs, I got involved in the CONSISE laboratory working group. ECDC has agreed to act as the secretariat of CONSISE until September 2013 and Angus Nicoll and myself share the task.

Job: Research Coordinator

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